Providing Peace of Mind

Lead Testing

Make sure that lead doesn’t affect you, your family’s, your friends’ or your work colleagues’ health. Don’t take a chance, get it tested.

Lead Testing Report

A Lead testing report will give you certainty that there are not any potential health effects associated with lead in the tested product.

A Betta Lead report will:

    • Be completed by trained testing agents.
    • Have all samples tested by a completely independent IANZ accredited laboratory with scientists analysing the samples.
    • Provide a simple Yes/No answer for complete clarity and understanding.
    • Provide a direction forward.
    • Be written and released in a quick timeframe so that you are not left waiting.
    • Be completely impartial.

Don’t leave it to chance, get your product lead tested.

For independent advice, please call us on 0800 422 386 or book your inspection online.

How do we Test for it?

The only accurate way to determine if a product has lead in it is to have it independently tested by a scientific laboratory.

A Betta Property Consultant will come onsite and take a physical sample from the site. The inspector will do everything they can to limit the damage or cause any aesthetic issues. They will then package the sample and send it to an independent laboratory for analysing. Results will be published by the Lab and documented in a Betta smart report.

The inspector will be available for a phone call following the release of the report so that any information can be discussed. From the report, you will know whether there is lead present in the produced tested.

Betta Reporting

Your Betta Inspector will produce a report that is:

  • Comprehensive, yet easy to understand
  • Simple Yes/No result for certainty
  • Photographs of sampled areas
  • Results kept fully confidential
  • Commonsense report