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Healthy Homes

Does your rental property comply with the new Residential Tenancies (Healthy Homes Standards) Regulations 2019? Don’t get caught out, get an inspection today!

Healthy Homes Report to Help You Comply

How do you know if your rental property is healthy? Do you know if your rental property meets all the Healthy Home requirements?

A Healthy homes report will:

  • Indicate whether your property complies or not.
  • Give you a recommendation forward if something doesn’t comply.
  • Be written completely independent.
  • Be undertaken by trained professionals.
  • Take into account all aspects of the property including sun direction and age of the house.
  • Reduce your risk of exposure to the tenancy tribunal.

For independent advice, please call us on 0800 422 386 or book your inspection online.

Some Facts

Below are some facts about rental properties and why the government has implemented legislation with regards to the Healthy Homes.

  • 1600 extra people die every winter in New Zealand. This is not seen in other countries around the world.
  • We are the third wettest country in the world.
  • Mould grows extremely well in cold and damp conditions. It exacerbates respiratory issues.
  • Data shows there is often inadequate, inefficient, or unhealthy heating in rental properties.
  • We have a disproportionate amount of Asthma, respiratory illness, Rheumatic fever and other diseases that are not common in OECD or developed countries.
  • A BRANZ 2015 House Condition Survey found that 22% of rental homes have no fixed heating compared to 7% of owner occupied properties.
  • Bathrooms without extractor fans or heating are twice as likely to have moderate or worse patches of mould compared to bathrooms with extractor fans or heating.
  • 37% of rental homes have no mechanical ventilation (extract fans) in the kitchen and 44% have no mechanical ventilation (extractor fans) in the bathroom.
  • Our rental homes are typically well below the World Health Organization recommended indoor temperatures of 18ᴼC to 20ᴼC

MBIE have stated their goal is to develop clear, modern standards to improve heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture ingress, drainage and draught stopping in rental homes. “We have the opportunity to improve the quality of rental homes, particularly from the cumulative effect of the five proposed standards. If we reduce cases of moisture and draughts entering homes, ensure adequate levels of insulation and appropriate heating devices, we have a greater chance of creating a warm, dry environment in rental homes.”

What Makes a Home Healthy?

Below is a list of things that make a home healthy:

  • Smoke Alarms/Sprinklers
  • Smoke & drug free
  • Good design
  • The right size
  • Good insulation
  • Low moisture levels
  • Good ventilation
  • No mould
  • Adequate drainage
  • No significant draughts
  • A quality and usable heat source

If your rental property is lacking any of these then it is likely that you do not comply with the governments healthy homes regulations.

Betta Reporting

Make sure you comply with the Governments new Healthy Homes standard, get a Betta property consultant to check your rental.

A Betta Healthy Homes Report will cover:

  • Heating
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Moisture
  • Drainage
  • Draughts

A certificate of compliance will be given once compliance is achieved.